t h e   9-10-3   p r o j e c t

>  a   m e ss a g e   t h r o u g h   t h e  
c l o u d s

by Lekshey

Beyond the snow mountains live my grateful parents
I, their precious son wander in a foreign land
I weep when I remember my parentsı gratitude
I pray to see their faces soon.

Beyond the snow mountains lives my revered Guru
I, his ignorant pupil am in this distant land
My reverence grows when I remember my Guru
I pray to hear his voice soon.

Beyond the snow mountains lives my loved friend
I, his shameless friend live in the horizon
Sadness creeps in when I remember my friendıs love
I pray for us to meet soon.

Oh, white clouds in the sky
Spread thy in the sky beyond the snow mountains
And drizzle these heartfelt words
That came out of my mouth.

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