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5 Things You Can Do to Help Free Tibet

(1) Join us in our international campaigns
The Tibet movement and friends, after a year of intense campaigning, succeeded in stopping a proposed World Bank project to transfer 58,000 Chinese into Tibetan nomadic lands, stopping a project that Tibetans inside the region had called "a death sentence". After less than three months of international efforts we succeeded in creating enough controversy around the PetroChina IPO, that this Chinese government-owned oil giant's New York and Hong Kong Stock Exchange offering earned the government $7.3 billion less than originally anticipated. So we can win! Click here to go to find out more about our campaigns and how you can help.

(2) Boycott Goods Made in China
Your money supports the companies you are buying from. Many industries in China are state-owned, and prison labor is a driving force in the Chinese economy. By supporting the Chinese government, you are supporting their human rights abuses and occupation of Tibet. By refusing to buy goods made in China, and telling shop owners why, you are helping to free Tibet. Click on the icon below for more info.

(3) Write letters to help free political prisoners
Tibetan political prisoners have been freed, and treated better in prison, because of letters written on their behalf. Your letters do make a difference. For info on political prisoners you can help.

(4) Raise Your Voice
Writing to the press helps expose the issue of Tibet to the wider public. Writing to your government officials exercises your power as a citizen to influence their dealings with the government of China. For a US database of government officials and local press, please see http://congress.nw.dc.us/savetibet/index.pl

(5) Join USTC or a local Tibet support group
With your support the Tibet movement can grow even stronger, and Tibet can be free. DONATE TO USTC TODAY

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