t h e   9-10-3   p r o j e c t

>  a l p h a b e t  p o e t r y

by Nun Namjor

** This particular poem is called ka-shed in Tibetan. The beauty of such a poem lies in the form where each line begins with an alphabet in its sequence. The appeal is purely phonological though each line has its own message. Translation of such a poem is hard for a translator cannot begin the same line in the target language alphabet. **

listen to me brothers
let me tell you a word from my heart and not an empty word
in absence of wisdom wherever you go
what difference is there between us and cows
stay away from friends who blabber
near the friends who are good characters
like tea stalls in every market
and tadpoles dancing in water
worship the Tathagatha (right path)
prepare to walk alone for the final walk
donąt fool yourself
for you will get old
stop fooling and follow spirituality
there is nothing greater than your parentsą gratitude
shirk your eat-and-sleep act like those of cows
and start doing before being told
these lines of mine
are dedicated to the brothers in exile
in the garbage-filled dharamsala
stay clear from fon like friends
these white words that came through this black lead
remember it by heart without confusion and hurry
we the brothers in exile
spread the morals
the land of god surrounded by ranges
in the time of separation from
the mountains and wind the gratitude of your parents
must not be forgotten where you go
these words from an ignorant person like me
are heartfelt words though I donąt know much

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