t h e   9-10-3   p r o j e c t

>  c r e a t i v e   w r i t i n g   c l a s s   I

One time I lived in the protected.
Mother visited me, I held tight to the bar.
Mother advised me, But my mind was full of the sorrows.
I didnıt hear what she said.
She said we want a free Tibet soon.

The weather is very hot, but I am still cold.
Itıs made my heart freeze.
If my heart is not frozen, then
I can go everywhere in the world.
Most people like peacefulness soŠ
Your sun is a friend, I am the moonıs friend.
We never became together,
But donıt you worry.

Look at our snow land,
They have no freedom
So, I am very sad about my fatherland.
How can I solve my countryıs problems?
Please show me a way to solve the problem.
I will get a new way then.
Day and night, again and again, I tried to find a way.
In the longest night I found a way, it isŠ.

First I came home,
Flower has the best fragrance.
There is no tree any longer .
Doesnıt anybody know me?
I am small grass.
Or, I am a small bird ­ a lonely bird,
But, I also have a dream of for a peaceful world.

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