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Full NameAge at DetainmentCurrent AgeDate DetainedExpected Date of ReleaseBase SentenceExtended SentenceFull Sentence
Ngawang Choezom22 yrs old32 yrs old03/21/92 03/21/03 Released 5 yrs 6 yrs11 yrs
Gyaltsen Drolkar19 yrs old31 yrs old08/21/90 08/21/02 Released 03/2002 4 yrs 8 yrs12 yrs
Ngawang Sangdrol*16 yrs old25 yrs old06/17/92 11/03/11
Released 10/2002
3 yrs 6 yrs19 yrs*
Phuntsok Nyidrol**20 yrs old33 yrs old10/17/89 10/17/05
Released 02/2004
9 yrs 8 yrs16 yrs**
Tenzin Thubten20 yrs old32 yrs old08/21/90

08/21/02 Released Spring 02

5 yrs 9 yrs14 yrs
Ngawang Choekyi23 yrs old33 yrs old05/14/9205/14/05 Released Spring 02 5 yrs 8 yrs 13 yrs
Ngawang Tsamdrol21 yrs old31 yrs old05/14/92 05/14/02
5 yrs 5 yrs10 yrs
Rigzen Choekyi24 yrs old36 yrs old08/28/90 08/28/02
7 rs 5 yrs12 yrs
Jigme Yangchen23 yrs old35 yrs old10/01/90 10/01/02
7 yrs 5 yrs12 yrs
Palden Choedron***19 yrs old31 yrs old10/01/90 02/dd/02
3 yrs 5 yrs8 2 yrs***
Namdrol Lhamo28 yrs old38 yrs old05/12/92 05/12/04
Released 09/2003
6 yrs 6 yrs

12 yrs

Gyaltsen Cheozom21 yrs old33 yrs old08/21/9008/21/99 Released 4 yrs 5 yrs 9 yrs
Lhundrub Zangmo23 yrs old 35 yrs old08/21/9008/21/99
4 yrs 5 yrs 9 yrs
Ngawang Lochoe 19 yrs old27 yrs old05/14/92 05/14/02 Deceased 02/2001 5 yrs 5 yrs 10 yrs

*Ngawang Sangdrol's sentence was extended twice more after 1993, once in 1996 and again in 1998, and has been reported as being either 21 or 22 years. The latter extension appears to be a result of her involvement in the May 1998 protests at Drapchi prison, and of additional individual protests. Reports in spring 2002 indicate that she has received a small sentence reduction, her expected release date moved up from 06/17/13 to 11/03/11. Her well being is of continued concern.

**Phuntsok Nyidrol received a one-year sentence reduction in May 2000; her well being is of continued concern.

***Palden Choedron was released upon sentence expiry in 1998 but was detained again in February 1999 as she attempted to flee Tibet, and has been reportedly serving a three year sentence at Trisam. Recent reports indicate that she may have been released, but her current whereabouts are unknown.


Based on Tibet Information Network's "Rukhag 3: The Nuns of Drapchi Prison," page 79.

Updated from new reports June 02.

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