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Boycott Made in China

BOYCOTT 'Made in China' Political theater/skit ideas

"The Beijing Christmas Light Assembly Plant"

(Write this on a banner and hold it over the line)

Scene: A row of standing Laogai prisoners, dressed in old style Chinese Communist blue suits and floppy caps. Ragged and dirty of course. They are all holding a length of electric wire with Christmas lights on which they are pretending to screw on the bulbs. Two guards walk up and down the line. Occasionally one of the guards brutally jabs a prisoner with an electric prod. ZZZZap! (Must have the sound effect) Immediately all the Christmas light on the wire flash on an off.

To heighten the effect you could have smoke coming out of the prisoner's ears, or have a prisoner's cap rise up. Check out joke and novelty stores for gimmicks. Magic stores are good too.

"The MIC that stole Christmas"

This is the story of how the North Pole was "liberated" by the People's Liberation Army (PLA), which turned Santa's workshop into a people's commune; and how Santa and the Elves are now undergoing "Reform through Labor."

Scene: Santa's workshop, prison camp with barbed wire, elves in chains working on an assembly line and Santa with a ball and chain around his leg. PLA soldiers with guns keeping watch over the elves and periodically beating, prodding them with guns and shouting for them to work faster and harder.

The concluding lines of the narrator: "No children, Santa is not dead, he is merely doing time in the frozen wastes of Manchuria, for 'counter-revolutionary' activities. That is also why, children, all your toys now have this label on them:MADE IN CHINA."

*Run a sign across the scene that says "Made in China."

"Sad Toys Sing the 'Made in China' Song"

(To the theme of jingle bells)

Scene: A number of sad toys (Barbie dolls, teddy bears, toy car [painted as the Chinese flag]) with 'Made in China' signs hanging around their necks singing this sad song:

"Made in China, made in China by the PLA
Oh what a shame it is to buy a barbie doll today
Made in China, made in China with Tibetan blood
Oh what a shame it is to buy a toy car here today

Made in China, made in China by a little girl,
Oh how sad it is to buy a teddy bear today.
Made in China, made in China by workers with no rights
Oh how sad it is to buy a here today"

*The toys can be singing, linked arm in arm and swaying back and forth behind a huge "no" symbol (red circle with a diagonal line running through it).

For more information check out: www.BoycottMadeInChina.org

To get involved, contact your local Tibet group or contact us at: ustc@igc.org

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