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Boycott Made in China


Dear Store Manager of [Name of Store];

I am writing to inform you that from this day forth I will no longer buy goods made in China. I am part of a rapidly growing number of conscientious citizens, who refuse to buy goods made in China because of the Chinese government's illegal occupation of Tibet and their systematic abuse of human rights and labor rights in Tibet and China.

Those of us committed to boycotting goods made in China will spare no effort to publicize and gain support for our campaign. I am confident that consumers everywhere will come to realize they can speak out for human rights and social justice by boycotting goods made in China.

I therefore urge you to stop carrying goods made in China in your store and ask that you inform your Chinese business partners of our campaign. I encourage you to do so not only for obvious ethical reasons, but also because selling goods made in China will become less and less profitable, as this boycott gathers widespread public support.

We are boycotting goods made in China, because every time you buy Chinese made goods, your money goes to support:

The World's Largest System of Forced Labor Camps

- Laogai Research Foundation, DC Complete Denial of Basic Rights to Chinese Workers and Farmers

- China Labor Bulletin, China Rights Forum, HK Nationwide Forced Abortions and Forced Sterilization

- Population Research Institute, Va, Laogai Research Foundation, DC Sweeping and Brutal Repression of All Religions

- Human Rights Watch, Cardinal Kung Foundation, Freedom House, DC Routine Torture of Prisoners

- Amnesty International Largest Dealer of "Weapons of Mass Destruction" to Rogue States

- CIA, Office of Naval Intelligence, etc

If you would like more information about our efforts to boycott goods made in China, please visit this website: www.BoycottMadeinChina.org

I am happy to discuss this matter with you further and look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you very much for your time and attention to this important matter.

[your name and address]

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